Technical Support

Our Technical Support department is available from 9:00 to 18:00 every working day, willing to help our customers in any issue or doubt they could have with our products. The team is composed by high skilled staff who will guide to a quick solution, making our customers be supported whenever they could face difficult situations in their installations.


We offer his service both in Spanish and English. Additionally we have a technical support mailbox where customers can send information, documents, photos, schematics, etc.  in order to resolve the issue.





Given the importance for a Company to have highly skilled staff, we feature our training team for our customers, which can teach courses and seminars, both in Elecmegom manufactured products (mainly control panels)  and external ones (for example VVVFs, GSM tracks, load sensors, etc.).


This qualification becomes a must due to the sustained improvements and upgrades we apply to our products. Taking advantage of the knowledge acquired in the training courses, your staff will boost their performance exponentially.


The training can be carried out at Elecmegom or at customer’s facilities as well.



Assessments for customized projects

By our inherent interest in new Technologies and the capacity to adapt our products for new applications, we can study your use case and develop a customized Project that satisfies your specific non-standard requirements. We can make for free an initial estimation of the elements and resources needed for accomplishing your target.



All our products have a 2- year warranty period starting on delivery date. All the parts included in our products, even those not manufactured by us (like VVVFs) are covered by this warranty.

Due to their typology, the warranty period of the following parts is limited to 1 year: batteries, chargers, uninterruptible power supply systems (UPSs).

Warranty validity is subject to a proper handling and installation of the products according to technical specifications on the corresponding use guide.

Elecmegom gives a repair center to your service. This department is highly specialized in reparations in a fast and efficient way, minimizing the outage time in your installations.