New web platform Megom OnLine

Real time management through Internet

Plataforma Megom OnLine

Compatible control panels

Compatible control panels are: EM2000 V5.x and the new door-frame type EM4000 (all versions).


Track GSM MK-775 ó MK-875 ECO

The MK-775 is a GPRS track that creates a link between your control panel and Internet, making possible the remote management from the web platform. It uses M2M technology for data transmission.

The MK-775 is also a GSM mobile device which enables emergency calls from your installations. The device is unlocked, so that you can use it with any operator. It meets EN.81.28 regulation, and is able to manage up to 4 elevators through a CANBUS. Voice communication from cabins is carried out together with the EMBI_v4 digital audio module. It also features a battery to keep working even with a power outage.

Placa de control EM2000

Megom Online

Web portal for communications and emergency systems management, it’s a dual purpose tool: First, remote control and maintenance of control panels, and second, management of Tests from emergency intercoms at cabins, which according with EN.81.28 regulation is mandatory to be performed each 72 hours maximum.

track gsm

Stay connected

Using the MK-775 along with a m2m SIM from any operator will transform your elevator in a live center, delivering emergency calls, EN.81.28 tests, instant notifications and remote maintenance capabilities, all of them managed and monitored from the web platform Megom OnLine

Minimum resources needed

To be a Megom OnLine user, you just need an Internet connection and a web browser on your device, be it a computer, tablet or smartphone, being able to establish multiple connections at the same time. Data transfers to the server are safe and optimized, what results in a minimum data consumption and a cost-effective solution

Telemantenimiento megom OnLine
seguridad megom OnLine

Security for your information

In Megom Online your data is always protected. A password is needed for login to your account, and furthermore a security code is also needed for access to the remote management of an elevator.

Emergency intercom programming

Every programmable setting of the emergency intercoms at cabins can be queried and modified from the web, allowing the customer to configure every installation remotely. Also it is possible to make firmware upgrades. No need to visit the installation any more. These features are available both for our analogic modules (EMBI_v1 and EMBI_v3) as well as digital one (EMBI_v4)

programador intercomunicador

EN81.28 regulation accomplishment

All periodic tests from the modules are monitored by our platform, which records and stores them in our servers. You will have access to them within the web, being able to filter the list by date, installation, phone, status, etc.
Besides that you can receive automatic notifications by email in case an installation reports any issue. Depending on your own custom configuration, you will be notified about failed tests, low battery, communication errors and power outages.

Remote control and maintenance of elevators

Megom OnLine enables the interaction between the user and the control panel of the elevator, from office, home or any other place where you have Internet available.

You will be able to access and edit all the elevator settings as you were onsite. You can query the history listing of last 32 failures, showing date, failure code, floor, direction… quite useful information in order to detect intermittent faults.


Check the status in real time

Along with an exhaustive monitoring of the status of the elevator, the control panel inputs / outputs, battery level, temperature, etc. it is possible to issue real calls to the elevator and check its behavior during the travel. The web will update the data shown every 5 seconds.

Moreover, you could remotely recover the elevator from a stopped status, sending to them a safe RESET (provided that the required conditions to move the car are met).

Be the first to know

Even when you are not logged into the portal, your elevators keep sending information of failures to the platform. In case of a critical event that makes the elevator be stopped, the server will generate an email notification sent to the list of email addresses configured (you can enable/disable these notifications at your own convenience). This way you can even anticipate the emergency call from the cabin or the estate and boast about delivering a real time alerts service!


Please visit the following link to access the platform and get further information