The Company was founded in 1977, and from the beginning it was focused in elevation sector. It has a long trajectory in electric boards for elevators, from the very first years using relays-based maneuvers, to the electronic microcontroller-driven control panels, adding in 1990 a new area dedicated exclusively to the fabrication of pre-mounted installations.

Elecmegom was based in Madrid from the creation to 2001, when, because of the increase of production volume, it moved to “Las Mezquitas” industrial estate at Getafe, 13Km south of Madrid, a village with a strategic location due to its connection with the principal access roads to Madrid, this is, M-45/M-40/M50, A4 and A42.

In 2009, as the demand of our products kept growing, the current facilities construction was initiated. This new center, opened in 2011, is located at Getafe too, and it features more than 3000 square meters divided in the following main departments: General Management, Administration, Production, R&D and Q&A.